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Step Up Voltage Regulators - Boost Converters

Step up voltage regulators or boost converters take an unstable low DC voltage and convert it to a higher stable DC voltage.  Ideally suited to providing regulated power at 5, 9, 12V from a smaller single or double cell battery.

Specifications list the regulated output voltage and current but check the input voltage maximum to ensure suitability. Some of the regulators allow for the output to be changed, although the adjusting potentiometer is designed for low frequency use and not for continual voltage adjustment.

Input voltage should be kept below the regulated output voltage and take care to avoid voltage spikes on the input.


Pololu Adjustable Step-Up Voltage Regulator U1V11A

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This compact (0.45″×0.6″) U1V11A switching step-up (or boost) voltage regulator efficiently boosts input voltages as low as 0.5 V to an adjustable output voltage between 2 V and 5.25 V .

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