SparkFun Capacitor Kit - 100+ popular capacitors

With more than 100 of the most useful capacitors this kit is a handy collection for anyone doing electronics. Sizes range from 10pf ceramic to bigger 1000µF electrolytic capacitors. Blow some up and you will still have spares. Great if you are just a beginner or a seasoned maker in need of a refill.

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SparkFun capacitor kit includes a good range of capacitors for anyone playing with electronics. With 10-25 capacitors in each size there is sure to one handy when you need it. Identify each one with this handy guide

Kit contents:

  • 10pf capacitors (x10)
  • 22pF capacitors (x10)
  • 100pF capacitors (x10)
  • 1nF capacitors (x10)
  • 10nF capacitors (x10)
  • 100nF capacitors (x25)
  • 1µF capacitors (x10)
  • 10µF capacitors (x10)
  • 100µF capacitors (x10)
  • 1000µF capacitors (x10)


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