Devantech SRF10 Ultrasonic Sonar Range Finder

The SRF10 is a the smallest dual transducer ultrasonic ranger. It has a range of 6cm to 6m and you can connect up to 16 sensors over a I2C interface. Low power consumption, fully timed echo, variable analog gain and a range of 6cm to 6m.

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It really is small. Here is the SRF10 next to a SRF08...


Communication with the SRF10 is via the I2C bus making it compatible with a wide range of microcontrollers. The address can be changed to allow up to 16 SRF10 sensors to be connected.

The power consumption of the SRF10 is a low 15mA Typ. and 3mA in the automatic standby mode the senser drops into between readings.

A fully timed echo frees the host controller of the job

Be sure to check out the detailed technical description by the manufacturer, including the 'Do not connect' pin.

Here's the beam pattern...


Mounting the SRF10

To make the SRF10 so small Deventech even left out making holes. Here are some ways to mount the sensor.

  1. A straight or right angle 0.1 inch connector soldered to your PCB.
  2. Using two 9.5mm rubber grommets. Two holes should be drilled into the panel you're mounting the SRF10 to. The hole centers should be 0.7inches (17.78mm) apart and the holes drilled 0.5 inches (12.7mm) in diameter. The two grommets should then be fitted to the panel and the SRF10 gently pushed into them. This is similar to option 3.
  3. Using our SRF10 Mounting Kit.



 uS, mm or inches
Current15mA Typ. Standby 3mA
Analog GainVariable 40-700 in 16 steps
ConnectionI2C bus
TimingFully timed echo. Single reading.
Dimensions32mm x 15mm x 10mm (Height)



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