XBee Explorer USB by SparkFun

The XBee USB Explorer by SparkFun Electronics is an easy way to connect your computer to an XBee module via a USB cable. The XBee USB Explorer works with any XBee module. It includes power regulation, indicator LEDs, reset button and access to all pins.

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 This is a simple to use, USB to serial base unit for the Digi XBee line. This unit works with all XBee modules including the Series 1 and Series 2.5, standard and Pro version. Plug the unit into the XBee Explorer, attach a mini USB cable, and you will have direct access to the serial and programming pins on the XBee unit.

The highlight of this board is an FT231X USB-to-Serial converter. That’s what translates data between your computer and the XBee. There’s also a reset button, and a voltage regulator to supply the XBee with plenty of power. In addition, there are four LEDs that’ll help if you ever need to debug your XBee: RX, TX, RSSI (signal-strength indicator), and power indicator.

This board also breaks out each of the XBee’s I/O pins to a pair of breadboard-compatible headers. So if you want to make use of the XBee’s extended functionality, you can solder some header pins into those, or even just solder some wire.

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Note: The XBee Explorer does not come with an XBee Module. You can find them listed here.


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