Screw Terminal Block: 6-Pin, 0.1″ Pitch, Side Entry

This side-entry screw terminal block has a pitch of 0.1″ (2.54 mm), and can be used as alternatives to standard 0.1″ male or female headers on many PCBs and prototyping boards. It has six terminals for the stripped ends of 26 – 18 AWG wires and is rated for 150 V, 6 A.

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These side-entry terminal blocks have terminals that hold and release wires through the simple adjustment of a small screw, allowing you to easily make temporary connections to a PCB. Since each terminal has a single corresponding pin spaced every 0.1″ (2.54 mm), these terminal blocks can be used with prototyping boards and PCB holes intended for standard 0.1″ male and female headers (if there is sufficient clearance from nearby components).

0.1″ terminal blocks and a male header strip in an Adafruit Perma-Proto prototyping PCB

0.1″ screw terminal block being used with a VNH5019 motor driver carrier in place of the included 0.1″-pitch male header

Using a 4-pin 0.1″ screw terminal block for the motor and motor power connections on the #2136 DRV8801 dual motor driver carrier

Nine sizes are available, from 2 terminals through 10 terminals.

Assortment of Screw Terminal Blocks: 0.1″ Pitch, Side Entry

Note: These terminal blocks do not slide together like our stackable screw terminal blocks, and they do not fit next to each other on a 0.1″ grid, so you will need to get the exact size required for application. Additionally, they do not work well in solderless breadboards (their pins are too short).


The following dimension diagram is for an N-pin version of this screw terminal block:

Screw terminal block: 0.1″ pitch, side entry


  • Voltage rating: 150 V
  • Current rating: 6 A
  • Contact resistance: 20 mΩ
  • Wire gauge: 26-18 AWG
  • Wire strip length: 4.5 mm

Other terminal block options

We carry several different sizes and styles of terminal blocks in addition to these 0.1″ screw terminal blocks; the picture below shows a side-by-side comparison:

Side-by-side comparison of our different terminal blocks with a 0.1″ male header strip for size reference. From left to right: 0.1″ screwless, 0.1″ screw, 3.5 mm screw, and 5 mm screw

  • Screwless (spring) terminal, available in side- and top-entry orientations with pitches of 0.1″ and 0.2″:
Select options:
  • Stackable screw terminal, available in side- and top-entry orientations with pitches of 3.5 mm and 5 mm:
Select options:



Pins: 6
Spacing: 0.1 in

General specifications

Wire gauge: 26-18 AWG
Current rating: 6 A
Voltage rating: 150 V
Contact resistance: 20 mΩ
Wire strip length: 4.5 mm
Terminal type: screw
Orientation: side entry


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