Dagu Doodle Bot - WSUIDStudent Special Order

***WSUIDStudent Special Order*** Doodle Bot is a very simple beginners robot that can write messages using white board markers, jumbo chalk or crayons. The kit comes with all parts including an Arduino compatible controller and a screwdriver.

Not currently available

Our Code: KIT-070063

This is a special order kit for Western Sydney University students by arrangement. 

All orders must be placed prior to 5PM EST on Friday 7th April to qualify for this offer. Offer extended to midnight on Sunday 9th April.

This offer is now closed. Doodlebots can still be ordered as normal from this link.

Please choose the cheapest shipping option of "eParcel Regular $11.70" when ordering for a total discounted price of $66.75 (inc shipping). All orders will then be shipped in one box for distribution by the university to save you money.


The DoodleBot is a very simple robotic platform for beginners, students and hobbyist.

The Chassis is a simple laser cut panel with two ball raced geared motors and a servo for raising and lowering a white board marker, jumbo chalk or crayon. Each wheel is fitted with an 8-pole magnet that is monitored by hall effect sensors to form two simple wheel encoders.

The kit includes an Arduino compatible controller with an ATmega8A processor, USB interface (CP2102) and FET, dual "H" bridge. Sample code allows the user to write simple alpha-numeric text messages.

Read detailed assembly instructions:-
Instructables: http://www.instructables.com/id/Building-a-Doodle-Bot-kit-from-DAGU/
MAKE Projects: http://makeprojects.com/Project/Building-a-Doodle-Bot-kit/2627/1#.UGbsra4_5Sm

Sample code for writing text from Dagu. Arduino version 0022 or earlier

Sample code for writing text. Modified to work with Arduino 1.02 and later. (Recommended)