Tamiya 70102 2-Channel Remote Control Box Kit

The Tamiya 2-Channel Remote Control Box can be used to independently control up to two motors in your robot or project.

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Parts included with the Tamiya 70102 2-Channel Remote Control Box.

The Tamiya 70102 2-Channel Remote Control Box uses two C or AA batteries (not included) to control up to two motors independently. This is a kit, so assembly is required.

The 2-channel remote control box is a great way to control Tamiya motors and gearboxes, which you can use with other Tamiya products to build your own robot or project. It is well suited for a differential drive (or skid steered) robot. Similarly to the Tamiya 70106 4-Channel Remote Control Box, the pair of single-axis control sticks used in this kit have a self-centring function, so they will automatically return to the neutral position when released. The cables that attach to the motors are pre-wired to the control board and measure about 130 cm (over 4 feet) long.

Feature summary

  • Two channels
  • Pre-wired switches
  • Wires for connection to motors are about 130 cm (4.25 feet) long
  • Two C or AA batteries required (not included)
  • Assembly required; see the instructions (612k pdf) for details


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