Dagu Infrared Compound Eye

Designed to fit LMR's universal sensor bracket, this sensor works by shinning IR light onto an object and then tracking the reflected IR. This sensor does not work in bright daylight as sunlight has a lot of IR and blinds the sensor.The IR LEDs can be controlled by a digital output so that ambiant light as well as reflected light can be measured.

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This sensor can be used as a basic distance sensor by measuring the level of infrared light received by the IR sensors when the IR diodes are on and off alternatively. The four IR sensors allow the location of an object edge to be determined more easily than a single sensor. It can detect objects up to 200mm depending on ambient light. 4 analog inputs are required to measure the voltage of the 4 IR sensors.

Here is a video of the compound eye in use on a  Dagu 'Mr General' robot.


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