Dagu Spider Robot Controller (Arduino Mega 2560 Compatible)

The Red Back Spider controller from Dagu Electronics is an Arduino Mega compatible robot controller designed specifically for robots that use a large number of servos such as Humanoids, Hexapods and Serpents. All IO pins are laid out with power and ground for easy connection to servos or sensors.

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The Spider Controller includes a 3A, 5V Switchmode Power Supply which means it can power and control up to 48 standard or miniature servos depending on load. It is the ideal controller for the Dagu Quadbot chassis.

The controller is compatible with standard servos operating from 4.2V ~ 6V (the controller supplies 5V).
In case you wish to Power your servos at Higher Voltages, you can use the High Power Shield for the Spider Controller, enabling the use a dedicated Battery or Power Source for the servos.

Key Features

  • ATmega1280 MCU with 128K FLASH, 8K SRAM and 4K EEPROM  The Spider now uses the ATmega2560 with 256k Flash, 8K SRAM, 4K EEPROM.
  • 3A, 5V switchmode power supply.
  • Input voltage: 7V to 30V
  • 70 I/O pins terminated with a servo compatible 3 pin male header and a female header
  • USB interface and ISP socket
  • Power switch and reset button
  • Pin spacing allows custom sheilds to be made using standard prototype PCB's
  • Comes with Arduino bootloader installed
  • 16x 10 bit analogue inputs
  • Up to 15x PWM outputs (depends on the number of servos in use)
  • 4x serial ports (1 used by USB interface)
  • 1x I²C interface
  • Can drive up to 48 servos using the Arduino servo library


The PCB is 70x96mm


Dagu Spider Instruction Manual

Dagu Product Support


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