2 Channel Intelligent Relay Controller (SCR02)

The SCR02 Intelligent Relay Controller can automatically control up to two relays based on inputs from supported ultrasonic range finders or from any sensor with an analog output such as temperature or infrared sensors. Configuration is easy via the free utility, allowing the controller to open and close the relays based on the sensors readings.

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The SCR02 is a sensor controlled relay module capable of autonomous operation. The SRC02 may be connected to most of our ultrasonic rangers or to 0-5v analogue inputs.

Supported rangers: "SRF01", "SRF02", "SRF04", "SRF05", "SRF08", "SRF10", "SRF235", "SRF485", "SRF485WPR"

Supports any other sensor (ultrasonic or otherwise) that outputs an analogue signal.

Both relays can be set to open and close at different readings from the sensor and can be configured to stay on or off for different periods of time.

The operation of the SCR02 is configured using the free configuration utility described here.

 Note: A standard 12vdc power is required.


  • 0-5v analogue inputs or direct connection to ultrasonic rangers.
  • Number of Relay's - 2
  • Power - 12V DC supplied separately (not included)
  • Configuration interface - USB Mini
  • Relay current - Up to 16Amp @24vdc or 250vac
  • Connections - Screw Terminals for N/O N/C and Common contacts.
  • Operating Temperature: -40C to +70C

LED indication

The SCR02 provides a Red LED mounted immediately next to each relay to indicate whether it is in a powered state (LED on).
There are two status LEDs. A Green LED indicates power is on (USB 5v and/or 12vdc), and a Red LED which flashes if no sensor is found.


Full technical documentation

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