SparkX - These are experimental products by SparkFun electronics hot from their labs. 

Experimental Products! SparkX products are rapidly produced to bring you the most cutting edge technology as it becomes available. These products are tested but come with no guarantees. Live technical support is not available for SparkX products. Head on over to the SparkFun forum for support or to ask a question.

PoE to USB Power Supply

Code: SKU-008100

It can be difficult to get a wall-wart where you need it. The promise of PoE (power over ethernet) is great, but what if your device doesn't use ethernet? Perhaps you could mess with power injectors, but what if you've already got PoE available on your network? The PoE to USB Power Supply is like...

$ 40.95

Not currently available

PT100 Sensor

Code: SKU-006710

A PT100 is a Platinum RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) with a resistance of 100Ω at 0°C which changes with temperature. It is suitable for applications in the temperature range of -200°C to 600°C but are more commonly used in the range -50°C to +250°C.

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Qwiic 1.8V Adapter

Code: SKU-008583

Our Qwiic Connect System is designed to help you quickly interface development boards and breakouts in your project or prototype. One way the Qwiic system achieves this is by standardizing on a single bus voltage of 3.3 Volts.

$ 13.95

Not currently available

Qwiic Boost

Code: SKU-007039

Qwiic Boost increases the Qwiic bus from 3.3V to 5V while still providing the target device with 3.3V I 2 C signals. This is a handy board for connecting technologies that still require 5V for running higher voltage mechanisms (like a DC fan) but have an internal processor running at 3.3V.

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Qwiic Cable - 100mm

Code: SKU-004183

This is a 100mm long 4-conductor cable with 1mm JST termination. It’s designed to connect Qwiic enabled components together but can be used for other applications as well. Each Qwiic Cable’s wires have been colour coded to Red, Black, Blue, and Yellow.

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Qwiic Fuel Gauge - MAX17048

Code: SKU-007277

Based on the MAX17048, the Qwiic Fuel Gauge is perfect for monitoring your single-cell LiPo. While the MAX17048 provides pack voltage, it really shines with its Statement of Charge (SOC). 3.83V is ok to know, but knowing your battery is at 73% capacity is considerably better.

$ 13.95

Not currently available

Qwiic Humidity AHT20

Code: SKU-006456

The AHT20 humidity sensor is brand new from ASAIR; it measures temperature within a tolerance of ±0.3 °C and relative humidity with ±2% error putting it on the high end of performance, but with relatively low cost! Use our Arduino library to send I2C commands over the Qwiic bus to trigger measure...

$ 10.95

Not currently available

Qwiic IR Breakout

Code: SKU-005932

Have you ever needed to monitor your yoghurt in the community fridge because there’s a yoghurt thief loose at work? Or have you ever needed the lights to flick on when walking in a room because your hands were full of groceries? The Qwiic IR breakout is the solution to all your people-detecting n...

$ 16.95

Not currently available

Qwiic JST Connector - SMD 4-pin

Code: SKU-004180

Here is a tiny 4-pin Qwiic 1mm JST connector. This connector is used on all of our Qwiic-based boards and can be used to create your own I 2 C-based device compatible with the Qwiic system. Additionally, this connector will mate with all of our Qwiic cables with a solid lock.

$ 1.05

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Qwiic Power Switch

Code: SKU-006476

Many of our Qwiic products draw very little current when in standby, but there are some that draw considerably more. Products like our top-end u-blox GNSS boards in particular.

$ 15.95

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