12V Metal Gearmotors

12V Metal Gearmotors

Bigger in size and with more torque these 12V metal brushed DC gearmotors are suited to medium size robots. Available in different gear ratios and with/without encoders.

The output shafts are a D shaft shape making it easy to attach a wheel and lock it in place with a press fit or a locking screw. Power leads can be soldered easily to the tabs at the back of the motors.

Specifications for speed and torque at given for the output shaft of the gearbox.

Rated at 12V these motors can be driven at a wide range of voltages with corresponding effects on the power output. Voltages significantly higher than 12V will shorten the life of the motor due to excessive arcing in the brushes. Reasonable performance can be had at 6V however the motor will be less powerful.