Liquid Pump - 350GPH, 1300LPH 12 volt by SEAFLO

This heavy duty SEAFLO bilge pump is handy for moving all kinds of liquids at up to 350 gallons per hour (1300 litres per hour) from a safe low voltage 12V power supply. Drawing 1.5A this pump can be fully submersed.

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This is a submersible liquid pump that is designed as a bilge pump. It works from a safe 12V and 1.5A so it is ideal for your next automation project. The pump has a head of 3m and is designed to pump 350 gallons per hour or 1300 litres per hour.

It is water cooled but won't burn out if it runs dry as it is designed to work in boats that aren't about to sink normally.


  • Make: SEAFLO
  • Model: SFBP1-G350-01
  • Flow Rate: 350GPH
  • Volts(V): 12V
  • Current(A): 1.8A
  • Head(M): 3m
  • Wire Lead(M): 1m
  • Outlet Diameter: 19mm/3/4"
  • Weight: 0.40kg

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