12V DC Solenoid Valve - 3/4" fitting 35L/min

Working at 12V DC this solenoid water valve is ideal for a home automation project. Minimum pressure of 200kPa and flows up to 35L/min at 800kPa

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Typical garden reticulation solenoid valves require 24VAC making it tricky to power them from batteries or other power sources used with microcontrollers. Operating at 12V DC and 400mA this solenoid is much easier to power up.

Flows are dependant on pressure but require a mains water supply pressure in general:

0.02Mpa ≥ 3 L/min

0.1Mpa ≥ 12 L/min

0.8Mpa ≥ 35 L/min

The connections are 3/4" and work with common fittings found in the garden section of hardware stores like Bunnings.

Note: This does not work with our 350GPH pump as it is transfer pump not a pressure pump.


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