Vacuum Pump - 12V, 1Amp, 406mm Hg

This vacuum pump operates at 12V and draws a modest 1Amp making it suitable for many small applications. Rated at 16", 406mm Hg the pump has 1/4" barbs to press fit tubing.

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A vacuum pump can be used in novel applications like an actuator made from a veterinarian syringe or make a robot sucker it's way up a window.

Running from 12V and drawing only 1A this motor can be powered from batteries or even via a regulator. Turn it on and off via a relay.

The 1/4" barbs are easy to connect to any tubing.


  • 12V motor
  • 12W operation
  • ¼" barbs
  • 0-16" Hg vacuum range


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