Alligator Clip with Jumper Wire Pigtail (4 Pack)

This wire is part alligator clip, part jumper wire. It is handy for connecting larger items into a breadboard circuit and comes in a pack of 4.

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This is a 4 pack of wires that are pre-terminated with an alligator clip on one end and a hookup pigtail on the other. Alligator clips are a staple part for any workbench and with these cables you will be able to easily incorporate those clips into a breadboard, development platform, or anything else that you would normally be able to attach a hookup wire to.

Each Alligator Clip with Pigtail cable has a wire length of 30cm (that’s a little less than 1ft) and a male pin that easily inserts into a standard 0.1" connector. Each pack consists of two red cables and two black cables.


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