Miniature Track Link and Pin - Yellow (10-Pack)

These ABS tracks work with a variety of injection-molded sprocket sets, making it easy to build a tracked drive system based on a number of different actuators. The miniature yellow track links connect together using the included dowel pins to create custom length tracks.

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These miniature tank tracks are great for small, indoor, tracked robots. Each track link is injection-molded from ABS, and the links are held together by 1/16″ stainless steel dowel pins. The track is 0.9″ wide, and the pins are spaced approximately 0.54″ apart. These tank tracks are smooth for operation on one of the most common types of terrain that your robot might encounter: carpet! The tracks are designed to work injection-molded sprocket sets that allow for a variety of actuator options:

  • 8T Hex for use with Tamiya gearboxes
  • 8T Futaba for use with continuous rotation servos with Futaba-compatible servo splines
  • 8T GM for use with Solarbotics GM gearmotors and Pololu plastic gearmotors

18-link chains of the miniature tank tracks in assorted colors with 8-tooth sprocket pairs

The picture above shows a belt of 18 links, with 8-tooth sprockets at both ends, in each available colour: black, red, yellow, and blue. This is close to the minimum practical belt size, while 50 links would be getting close to the longest practical track length. Different coloured links can also be used together to create custom multicolored tracks.

20-link chains of the miniature tank tracks in mixed colors with 8-tooth sprocket pairs


General specifications

Colour: yellow

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