Arduino Micro

Arduino Micro 5V is a tiny little Arduino with USB support. The Micro like an Arduino Leonardo squashed into a 1.9" x 0.7" (48mm x 18mm) size. A 6-pin ISP header is available for advanced use and it has LEDs for power, TX, RX & pin 13. Can operate as a USB client like a keyboard, mouse etc.

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The Arduino Micro is only 48mm x 18mm in size and fits nicely into breadboards. With all the power of the Leonardo this little board still has USB connectivity, 6 pin ISP Headers, reset button and indicator LEDs for power, pin 13 and TX/RX.

Like the Leonardo, the tiny Micro board can act as a USB client so it can behave like a keyboard or mouse to a computer. The Micro is particularly suited when you need the tiny form factor or want to interact via breadboards for prototyping new projects. Developed by and Adafruit.

On board there's a  ATmega32u4 (datasheet), 32K of flash, and 2.5K of RAM and 3.3V regulator. You can program it directly via the USB micro connector on one end (or for the advanced users, the 6-pin ISP header).

This version of the Micro comes with headers pre-soldered on and runs at 5V logic with a 16MHz crystal.

Note: not supplied with Micro USB-B cable. This is the same size used in most smart phone cables.

For more technical details and starting guides, check out the Arduino website

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